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DUC Music publishing is a full service music provider founded by Los Angeles producer/singer-songwriter, Scot Sier.

As a serial entrepreneur with experience in global brand development along with an extensive music background, let Scot help you create a musical story that promotes your brand. 

For more info and free consultation, contact Scot at Deep Under Cover Music about licensing the 420 song for your next ad, film video and or, gaming project. (Song is available with and without lyrics including any portions of the song for any type medium.)

We work in all formats, from classical to hip hop. Contact us today for custom branded music for your next film and or advertising project.



We love weed and music. To celebrate our two favorite past times, we created the entertaining and catchy 420 song to help brand your cannabis business!

420 Song Available  With And Without Vocals

Official Song

Hollyweed Film Festival 

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